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The course will provide you with exclusive insights on how to source top-quality furniture at below wholesale pricing. You will be taught how to differentiate and evaluate furniture items that are suitable for restoration. This knowledge will help you find highly desirable pieces that sell quickly, and also recognize the ones that may not have a strong demand in your area.

Furthermore, you will learn how to determine the value of vintage and antique furniture without needing to restore them beforehand!

10 Lessons - Beginner Friendly

Subscribers only

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This essential tool and supplies list is designed to give you everything you need to get started on your furniture flipping journey. All the products are hyperlinked for your convenience!

If you are just getting started you do not need to buy every tool and supply listed. I recommend that you don't make any expenses until you absolutely have to.

The tools that are a necessity include the sander, screw drivers, and the paint sprayer (because painting with a brush is...not for me, it is therapeutic, just not for me).

Supplies: Sanding grit. 80, 150, 220, 320, 400 (Amazon has the best prices and bundles of these assorted grits), You will use 150 & 220 most of the time.

1 Lesson - Beginner Friendly

Premium course

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In this all-inclusive course, you’ll gain expertise in furniture flipping, starting from the fundamentals of refinishing and painting to advanced techniques.

Discover inside tips on sourcing quality pieces, learning how to use the right tools, as well as how to advertise and market your final products to increase your earnings.

But, that's not all! This program goes beyond the basics and imparts essential knowledge on developing a flourishing business. You will learn effective strategies for marketing, branding, and building a robust online presence. Moreover, I will guide you on how to price your pieces to maximize profits and create a sustainable long-term business plan.

Module 1:Tools & Supplies
Module 2: Where to Find Furniture

33 Lessons - Beginner Friendly